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Re-opening update (May 22, 2020)

We want you to know that we are following the orders issued by the office of the provincial health officer, protocols for returning to operation issued by WorkSafeBC,  guidance provided by the BC Centre for Disease Control and the latest news released from the government.

The safety of our staff and our customers is a priority for us and we took all possible measures to ensure your safe dinning experience. All measures taken are in detail described in our Safety Plan. 

Here is the summary of the main changes:

  • Parties are limited to max 6 guests (including children)
  • Capacity has been reduced to allow maintaining min 6 feet between tables (parties)
  • Outside waiting area has been created
  • Cleaning protocols have been updated with increased attention and frequency of cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touch surfaces
  • Reservations are preferred to avoid lineups in front of the restaurant
  • Reservation times and time spent at the restaurant will be strictly enforced:
    • Single person 1 hour
    • Two guests 1 hour 15min
    • 3-4 guests 1 hour 30min
    • 4-6 guest 2 hours
  • There will be 10min gaps between reservations to allow proper cleaning and sanitization of the table, chairs, menus, etc.
  • Every guest will be asked to sanitize hands before entering the restaurant (sanitizer provided)
  • Guests with any signs of COVID-19 symptoms will not be allowed entrance
    (staff might ask you several security questions)
  • No cash will be accepted – CREDIT CARDS ONLY
  • Bathrooms will be by request only to prevent crowding in the hallway
  • Bathrooms will be sanitized after every use
  • Servers are equipped with PPE (masks, shields)
  • All serving protocols and procedures has been updated
  • Every table will have designated service area (head of the table/empty seat)
  • Servers will bring your drinks/food and place it into the designated service area
  • When removing objects from the table servers will ask you to place all items you wish to remove into the designated service area
  • Server are required to sanitize their hands after touching any “public” object


Thank you for all your support and
please respect the directions given by our staff and
help us keep everyone safe!


(take out / dine in)


marinated olives (v)

coriander, fennel seeds, olive oil



house-made focaccia (v)

herbs, olive oil, balsamic reduction



green salad (v)

tarragon dressing, cucumber, grape tomatoes, crispy shallots



roasted carrot salad (v)

basil oil, fennel, pickled raisins, cashews, ricotta, greens



burrata (v)

basil oil, strawberries, balsamic, focaccia bread





quatro formaggi (v)

tomato sauce, fontina, mozzarella, gorgonzola, parmesan, herbs



funghi (v)

bianco sauce, roasted mushrooms, pickled fennel, mozzarella, artichoke hearts, balsamic crema




tomato sauce, house-made italian sausage, chili, oregano, confit garlic, pickled red peppers, grana padano




bianco sauce, prosciutto, asparagus, fontina, basil,
oregano, arugula







prawn spaghetti

prawns, tomato sauce, asparagus, grape tomatoes, basil, parmesan



rigatoni bolognese

ground pork, beef & veal, tomato, cream, chili, pecorino



risotto verde
english peas, pearl onions, parsley, crispy shallots, parmesan





kids menu



house made tomato sauce / butter



cheese  pizza

tomato sauce, mozzarella




tomato sauce, mozzarella, italian sausage







daily dessert – ask your server


Italian Dinner For Two
(or the whole family)

$55 take out combo


marinated olives (v)

coriander, fennel seeds, olive oil


house-made focaccia (v)

herbs, olive oil, balsamic reduction


roasted carrot salad (v)

basil oil, fennel, pickled raisins, cashews, ricotta, greens


risotto verde (v)
english peas, pearl onions, parsley, crispy shallots, parmesan


roasted chicken trottole

              roasted mushrooms, zucchini, garlic cream sauce, parsley, parmesan


* vegetarian substitution:

spaghetti pomodoro

tomato sauce, mushrooms, basil, oregano


make it a family meal and add on

12” kids pizza for $10


tomato sauce, mozzarella


tomato sauce, mozzarella, italian sausage

Grab and Go!
Cook at Home!


carrot & ginger

500ml cup   $6

portion of fresh pasta


bolognese sauce           $9

/ground pork, beef & veal, tomato, cream, chili/

tomato sauce           $7
/garlic, onions, tomato, oregano/

focaccia bread

2 step kit with instructions   $8

fresh lasagna bolognese

2-3 ppl serving, 40 min in the oven     $30


SPUMANTE                                                           GL/BTL
NV Villa Sandi Prosecco, Veneto, IT12/58
NV Paltrinieri ‘Piria’ Lambrusco di Sorbara, Emiglia-Romagna, IT13/62
2019 Pet Matt Landrusco, Okanagan Crush Pad, Okanagan, CAN70
2009 Ferrari Perlé, Trentino, IT95
2019 LaStella Pinot Grigio, Okanagan, CAN12/60
2018 Semillon Anthony Buchanan, Okanagan, CAN11/53
2018 Ciu Ciu Pecorino, Marche, IT14/65
2018 Moraine ‘Cliffhanger’ White (Gewürtztraminer, Pinot Gris), Okanagan, CAN11/53
2017 Bongiovanni Langhe Arneis, Piemonte, IT75
2017 Stachlburg Terlaner Savignon, Trentino, IT80
2017 Chenin Blanc Crown Thieves Okanagan, CAN65
2018 Stag’s Hollow Syrah Rose Okanagan, BC  13/62
2019 Malbec Rose Anthony Buchanan Okanagan, CAN55
2016 Cantina Lavis Cabernet Sauvignon, Trentino, IT11/53
2016 Il Feuduccio Montepulciano Abruzzo, IT12/58
2018 Moraine ‘Cliffhanger’ Red (Malbec, Merlot), Okanagan, CAN11/53
2017 Li Veli “Contarde”  Negroamaro, Puglia, IT13/62
2016 Giovanni Rosso Langhe Nebbiolo, Piemonte, IT85
2017 Tommasi Valpolicella Classico Superiore, Veneto, IT70
2016 Tiberio Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Abruzzo, IT75
2017 Moon Curser Dolcetto Okanagan, CAN60
2017 G.D. Varja Langhe Rosso, Piemonte, IT75
2013 Cafaggio Chianti Classico (Sangiovese), Toscana, IT78
2015 San Felice Chianti Classico Riserva (Sangiovese, Colorino), Toscana, IT85
2015 La Querciolana Montecucco Rosso (Sangiovese), Toscana, IT80
2018 Bortoluzzi Cabernet Frank, Venezia Giulia, IT75
2015 Ornellaia ‘Le Volte’ (Merlot, Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon), Toscana, IT100
2014 Del Pino Barbaresco Piemonte, IT120



fiore famiglia

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